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welcome-01Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness and vitality. It is a bridge between the perceived limitations we have come to accept in our lives andhow life can be when we tap into our actualpotential. It’s tangible, measurable… You can actually feel it! Reconnective Healing gives you access to an inner awareness with a vibrational resonance that promotes strength,brainpower, wisdom, emotional stability and physicalvitality. When you access this spectrum of Energy, Light &Information™, it creates a chain of events that can greatly enhance and improve all aspects of your life — health, career, relationships, abundance…

Seemingly unreachable potential becomes reality.

welcome-03Recognized and supported by science, including researchers affiliated with institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford, this powerful approach to healing is something you can learn in just a matter of days. Approximately 100,000 people around the world have received various levels of training in Reconnective Healing with more than 30,000 active practitioners globally. Reconnective Healing offers you the opportunity to attain lifelong optimal health and balance.

“The cutting-edge of information medicine.”
Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller

Reconnective Healing has been scientifically shown* to:

  • Restructure damaged DNA
  • Be more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring range of motion
  • Support athletic peak performance

*Scientific studies are available at TheReconnection.com


welcome-02The Reconnection is a once in a lifetime personal process to access our evolutionary pathway to advancement and progression, allowing us to pursue our life path and fulfil our destiny. The Reconnection brings in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

Axiatonal lines are “Vibratory lines which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiational lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrobiological analogs”*
*The Common Basis of Science, Medicine and Spirituality by J.J. Hurtak

For Your Protection:
welcome-04The only instructors authorized and qualified to teach Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection are Eric Pearl and The Reconnection Teaching Team. Also note that only approved graduates of Level II are authorized and qualified to facilitate Reconnective Healing, and only approved graduates of the Level III or RCPP (Reconnection Certified Practitioner Program) are authorized and qualified to facilitate your Reconnection.

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